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New Book

We’ve just launched our new book; “Building Wealth” Get it now in the Kindle Store on Amazon!


“Checking out Amazon or Barnes and Noble for books with information about
real estate investing isn’t going to disappoint you if you like lots of choices.
Many of them will have the words “money” or “profits” in them. It’s a
popular subject because you can make money in real estate investing.

Drew and Danny didn’t want this to be just another one of those many
choices, and they put all of their knowledge and efforts into creating a
book, a tutorial if you will, that actually will show you how to Build Wealth.
The “you can do this” motivational stuff is easy to find. The nuts & bolts
“how to do it right” stuff is what Danny and Drew deliver in these pages.

Drew and Danny are all about long term rental property investing, and in a
short time grew their property portfolio from one home to one hundred.
They didn’t do it with high-risk tactics or excessive leverage. They did it
with sound business principles and a unique approach that’s going to be
your biggest take-away from this book.

Doing it their way and going the extra mile are phrases that take on a
whole new meaning in this common sense approach to building a solid
cash flow real estate portfolio. This book is true to the title, as you can
get started and build wealth.”


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Saving time and money and money is an important goal for many people today. If you are looking for a place to live, you certainly want to save in both ways—that is where Perkins Levin Property Management comes into play. We provide a huge selection of living options for residents in and around Calhoun, Dinkeytown, University of Minnesota and anywhere in uptown Minneapolis, and our tech solutions and customer service solutions make it easy for you to pay your rent and check out your payment history online. Spend some time learning more about our properties and contact us for more information today!